Old & New Saplings Families

Dearest Sapling’s Families and supporters (old and new!),

Families of Hadlow may have received a flyer this week detailing a proposed new development on the site behind us and a new, modern home for us here at Saplings.

Until October 2020, Saplings was owned and operated by Hadlow College. Jo and I bought the nursery from Hadlow College’s administrators after new operators North Kent College took the decision to close it. In the middle of a pandemic, we took a risk on our beloved nursery as we felt strongly about remaining in the community and supporting the children and their families in an even bigger time of need.

Two years on and we are extremely happy that we made that decision, our ‘baby’ has flourished, and we cannot thank our families enough for your continued support. We sincerely hope that you can see how passionately we feel about our childcare provision and providing children from all walks of life with a safe and stimulating environment. We do what we do because we love it and couldn’t possibly imagine doing anything else.

With, owning a Nursery doesn’t come without its stresses – and our biggest one has been the future of our lease on the building that we call home. We have not been granted a long-term lease here and the Department for Education, who will shortly become the new landlords of the site, have yet to be able to grant us one. We have searched for suitable, local premises to continue to cater for our 101 local families, but this is no easy task.

Dandara’s proposal to build us a new building has been our saving grace and has given us the hope that we can continue to provide a crucial service to the community for many, many years to come. Childcare, more than ever, is an extremely vital part of a community, one in which we dearly hope we can continue to provide to Hadlow for years to come with your ever gratefully received support.

Best wishes,

Jo and Casey

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